by Felix Hatfield

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Songs about love, sex and letting go


released October 8, 2016



all rights reserved


Felix Hatfield Portland, Tennessee

Felix Hatfield
is an American Songwriter and Folk Artist. He was encouraged to become a writer at an early age after winning an award for his first short story about a talking hamburger. He was first inspired to sing from his early childhood friend Roy the Cow… Hatfield's songs have been recorded by Huck Notari, Gill Landry and Old Crow Medicine Show. ... more

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Track Name: Boundaries

I didn't feel like building boundaries
but i can if you need
Its just my love for you is boundless
When I'm with you my heart is free
And its not quite unrequited
You say you like me good as any
But i can't say I'm delighted
To feel like one of many
I find it hard to hold my heart back
When I've got so much love to give
But i will just to see you
When I'm with you i truly live

Naturally my eyes will wander
Like yours do naturally it seems
I wonder what i still don't know yet
It’s hard to know about such things
It’s not like me to be so tender
I've learned that nothings so pristine
Maybe I'm just on a bender
I feel like a jelly bean
I don’t think that I'm in danger
Keeping all these thoughts of you
If you pretend your not a stranger
And i pretend I'm not a fool

I think i’ll take to walking backwards
Drift a little from this pain
Soon you’ll look a little different
Once i cry I'm not the same
I wont tell you that i love you
Even though its plain i do
And i’ll try not to loose my marbles
I’ll pray that i can keep my cool
I used to be the one with walls up
It was always on my terms
It was good no expectations
Whats cool to some to others burns

Its good to see it from the flip side
Even though it hurts like hell
Im good at trying not to show it
Hopefully you cannot tell
No ones ever left me melting
Like the way i wish you'd do again
Its probably safe to say I'm dreaming
I wish you were my biggest fan
I’ll get better and try to find better
Though i highly doubt i can
It’s probably safe to say I'm dreaming
I wish i was your perfect man
Track Name: I Love You Blues
I Love You Blues

Tell me am I, am I just a fool
If you keep me, can I keep my cool?

I hate to wake up in the middle of the night
With you holding me, without me holding you tight

Do I love you, I'm afraid I do
Do you love me, I can't ask that of you

Life without you never seemed so bleak
I'm in trouble now, its only been a week

I hate to miss you, in the middle of the night
To hug and kiss you its my hearts delight

I got the love you, I got the I love you blues
Do you love me? I'm afraid of the news

So tell me am I just a fool
To believe in love, can it really be true?

I think about you and it feels so good
would I keep you, oh only if I could

If you love me, don't be afraid to
don't be afraid to love me, do you love me?
what you got to loose? Do I love you?
I got the I love you blues
Track Name: The Day I Cried In Your Car
I woke up early not by choice I had to play a show
And so I warmed my morning voice up at my red piano
My mind was calm my body was strong my heart in top physique
How could I know the day would end tears rolling down my cheek
I knew you'd be attending so I changed my repertoire
Who knew that happy day would change when I cried inside your car

I looked out at the audience like many times before
But never have I seen in the crowd someone I couldn't hope to see more
I told a joke then sang a new song called 'I Love You Blues'
I told you right after that it was for you, you seemed surprised by the news
You said you really liked the song I thought maybe I took it too far
I hoped I didn't scare you away on the day I cried in your car

We laughed then smiled and hopped to some shops but I seemed a little bit hushed
Just an hour to spare before you left town and everything felt so rushed
You found a t shirt on a rack and then you tried it on
It didn't fit it was too tight, I still picture you with it on
Then into an old junk shop we walked where the colors did fade from my cheeks
I thought I'd stay and make me a home among the dust and antiques

I said "I'm good with taking it slow" you said "slow means too much"
you said "we're closer than ever I think but I don't think we should touch"
I understood I thought I did and crawled out of the wishing well
Or was that just another kid it was too hard to tell
I can sing it now as a tender ballad and play a sweet guitar
Cause its far away that lonesome day I cried inside your car

Then you drove me to my house and a fire it burned neath my rib
The lion you knew turned into a mouse as fragile as a web
Did we speak important words was I part dog part cat
You were so kind to offer me that old white stetson hat
I took off my sunglasses like you asked my eyes they were like stars
I looked into yours they so blue they rivaled heavens reservoirs

I melted when you told me you loved me even if just as a friend
I tried my best not to use words like 'goodbye' or 'the end'
Of all the beautiful things on that day my memory has distilled
I'm thankful for those sparkling tears for now my hearts been filled
Like everyday with you that day was a painting by Renoir
More wonderful artwork to hang in my dreams of the day I cried in your car
Track Name: Roll On
Tonight I'm feeling a little withdrawn
Thought I'd come down to hear me a song
So sing me a good one I can't stay long
It's either crawl in a hold or roll on

I sent you a message but I didn't hear back
I waited all day now I'm about to crack
Love turns me into a maniac
It's either loose control or roll on

Some mornings I'm week some mornings I'm strong
Some days I think I should move to Hong Kong
cause my instincts tell me your already gone
I guess If you gotta roll then roll on

You laughed at my song about a Mastodon
You cried at my song about a tender faun
You left me alone to sing about the dawn
I guess you know how I roll I roll on

I unlocked your heart but I lost the key
Been searching in the dark like a lost junky
My hearts on parole from misery
But I'm on a roll so roll on

No dairy no sugar no gluten or wheat
Seems like theres nothing now that I can eat
Your names on the list and It's bittersweet
It's taking its toll to roll on

Your walking new streets in a far off town
I'm walking new streets when nobody around
Lets go on a walk when your back in town
Lets take a stroll then roll on

Tonight I'm feeling a little withdrawn
Thought I'd come down to hear me a song
So sing me a good one I can't stay long
It's either crawl in a hold or roll on
Track Name: Take Care Of That Ass Darlin'
I miss the cold morning showers after long hot nights
I miss the warm colored hours under soft golden lights
I miss the old days waking up at your place
I miss your old ways and that look of pleasure on your face

Take care of that ass Darlin
It's what I'd call a find
Take care of that ass Darlin
It's been on my mind

Oh what I'd give to be the big spoon between your dusk and dawn
Oh what I'd give to see your big moon when your silk curtains are drawn
A couple squeezes every week or two hardly keeps me satisfied
There's peace within or without you but you know what piece I'd rather ride
Take care of that ass darlin
It's a holy place
Take care of that ass darlin
It'b been on my mind

You shake that booty when you can
To your jazz and Judas Priest
You turn a punk into a man you make a man into a beast
Always hungry for the feast
singing all night "I shall be released"

I guess for now I'll light a candle I know the weather it can change
Otherwise I just can't handle this kind of love growing strange
For now I'll try to be a good friend while you learn to trust yourself
I'll make a shrine out of the garbage can till I'm back on top of your shelf

Take care of that ass darlin
It rocks like my favorite band
Take care for that ass darlin
It's been on my mind
Track Name: Lion

Thanks for the ride come into my den
I want to thank you for a ride with a ride my friend
I'm not looking for love I just wanna hear you sighin
I wanna sink my teeth in like I used to
It don't have to be love for it to be true
Lets not complicate here's to simplifyin
I'm not lookin for love I just wanna be your lion

You got the ice cream I got the cone
It's alright this falls into the friend zone
It's a wild idea this fire I'm supplyin
I wanna tear you apart like you'll never forget
I don't need your heart I just want your sweat
You say stop, I can't stop my self from tryin
I'm not lookin for love, I just wanna be your lion

I see a mirage I feel a thirst
My skies are alive but my land has been cursed
There's a burning in side but feral sparks are flyin
I wanna sink my claws into your sweet side
Show you what it means to be part of my pride
The job is king of your jungle and yes I am applyin
I'm not looking for love, I just wanna be your lion
Track Name: Sex Addiction
I forgot to buy the cat food
The simple things are tough to do
All because I miss you
I miss you and it feels like an affliction
I miss you, I miss you
But not your sex addiction

I'm starved for you passion
It's tough watching it fade from view
All because I wanna kiss you
I wanna kiss you this feels like an eviction
I miss you, I miss you
But not your sex addiction

A sex addiction what is that?
I wish I knew to be exact
Somedays its all endearing terms
Other days its 'go eat worms'

I thought I made a good first impression
And we were good for each other too
You love me but you don't wanna screw
Well... I do
I can't tell if thats a contradiction
I miss you, I miss you
But not your ......

The signs the symptoms and effects
When your addicted to sex
Seems to be what took my place
I never wished so hard I had strangers face

I used to be free with my expression
now I don't have a clue what to say or do
All because I wanna kiss you
I wanna kiss you but it's out of my jurisdiction
I miss you, I miss you
But not your sex addiction